About Us

GLASS COMMERCE is a global e-commerce marketplace for fully compliant, fast, and paperless government commerce-purchases. GLASS COMMERCE allows governments to simplify procurement operations, reduce barriers of entry for small businesses, and assist public employees in making the right purchasing decision without bids, every single time.

Government employees and representatives are using GLASS COMMERCE to get goods and services from registered businesses that are verified and authorized to make business with the government.

We are a global team building global government products and there's nothing we'd rather be doing.

Meet the people creating the next breakthrough in government systems through powerful and transformative technology products.

Boris Doynov
Boris Doynov Business
Wileska Rosario
Wileska Rosario Marketplace
Sergey Pavlov
Sergey Pavlov Software Development
Abigail Natucci
Abigail Natucci Product Design
Bryan Hollis
Bryan Hollis Sales
Gerardo Mateo
Gerardo Mateo Chief of Staff
Enrique Ramirez
Enrique Ramirez Marketing
Pedro Vilanova
Pedro Vilanova Futures
Anthony Rivas
Anthony Rivas Supplier Onboarding