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An Easier Way to Be Part of Our Government Marketplaces' Vendor Catalog

An Easier Way to Be Part of Our Government Marketplaces' Vendor Catalog

We are introducing an even simpler and faster way to become part of our government e-commerce platforms vendor catalog: the PunchOut Catalogs. From now on, big suppliers like Staples or Waxie can join our government marketplaces through PunchOut integration. This means government buyers now have access to an expanded vendor catalog, now partnered with well-known suppliers.

What are PunchOut Catalogs?

PunchOut catalogs are a specific type of electronic catalogs used in e-procurement systems. They allow government buyers to access a vendor's catalog directly from within our government e-commerce platforms, without having to leave them to visit the vendor's website separately.

How does it work?

1. The vendor's catalog is integrated with the government e-commerce platforms: The vendor's catalog is integrated with the government e-commerce platforms through a PunchOut connection. This integration allows for real-time access to the vendor's catalog from within our government marketplaces.

2. The government buyer clicks on the 'Visit Store' button to access the PunchOut vendor website: When a government buyer wants to buy from one of our PunchOut vendors, they access the vendor's catalog directly from within the government e-commerce platforms by clicking the “Visit Store” button. 

3. The government buyer is redirected to the vendor's catalog within the government marketplace's interface: Upon clicking the “Visit Store” button, the government buyer is seamlessly redirected to the vendor's catalog, which appears within our government marketplace's interface. The government buyer can browse the catalog, view product details, and add items to their shopping cart as if they were shopping on the vendor's website.

4. The items to be purchased are added to the shopping cart within our government e-commerce platforms in real-time: As the government buyer adds items to their cart within the PunchOut catalogs, the items are added to their shopping cart within our e-commerce platforms in real-time.

5. The checkout process is initiated directly within our government marketplaces: Once the government buyer has finished selecting products and is ready to make a purchase, they initiate the checkout process directly within our government marketplaces. The system generates a purchase order based on the items in the shopping cart and sends it to the vendor for processing.

6. The vendor receives the purchase order and fulfills it: The vendor receives the purchase order from our government e-commerce platforms and fulfills the order accordingly. The integration between the systems facilitates a smooth exchange of order information, reducing manual data entry and streamlining the government procurement process.

With the implementation of this new feature, we are creating opportunities for both vendors and government buyers. We are significantly expanding our vendor catalog in a quick and easy manner, featuring not only new but also large and well-known suppliers, and bringing over 2.5 million new Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) and incorporating the functionality to sell services and digital/downloadable software on our government marketplaces.


This blog was written by Gisela Montes, GovTech Community Lead at Glass.


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