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Save Time & Reduce Effort

Managers and individual buyers spend less time finding reliable government vendors, requesting quotes, and tracking orders.

Small Purchases Dashboard

See all your purchases in one single place every and obtain more insights into relevant purchasing categories.

Access Order Details In Real Time

Track, flag, and return orders from different vendors in one single place, with one simple click.


Buy From Verified Vendors

All vendors are verified in advance and count with business certifications and clearances from government-trusted databases.

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Access any Order Detail

Receive real-time purchasing notifications straight
to your inbox or Control Panel.

Track, flag, and return orders from different verified
government vendors in one single place, with one
simple click.

Glass Commerce Tools

✔ Obtain more budget insights through our Budget
Breakdown per Category.
✔ Understand your purchasing goals and
accomplish them.
✔ Socio-Economic Goals Tracking with our P-Card.

Government Buyer Dashboard

Continuous overview through the Government Buyer Dashboard.

Reduce by 90% the time and effort it takes buyers to request, receive and verify quotes for your informal bids.

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Simplified Transactions

In each transaction, you have the option to select the
most convenient payment method for you,
from P-Card and POs to Government Check.

Glass Commerce Tools

✔ Constant improvement through Analytics.
✔ Hit your Socio-Economic Goals with our Tracking Dashboards.
✔ Ability to check your vendors


Glass has helped Government agencies secure over 5 million items

We've helped government buyers connect directly with their small and local vendors, simplifying small purchases and providing expedited sourcing assistance.

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Around the clock assistance for a seamless shopping experience for your government teams.


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