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Launch your Local Portal for your community to connect and buy from local businesses first.

We're supporting local governments in their economic recovery initiatives by making it super easy for their people to find and buy from their local businesses.

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Simplify Buying Local

Make it easy for your people to support your local economy by accessing local vendors, products, and services.

Updated & complete catalogs

ndividuals can search and buy products and services from your local vendors' updated and dynamic catalogs.

National Access

The Local Portal also allows your local vendors to gain a new audience across the U.S by growing their digital presence not only in your city but across the country as well!


Shop From Verified Vendors

All our vendors are verified in advance and count with business certifications and clearances from U.S. blacklists.

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Access any Order Detail

Through our dashboard, your people can track,
flag, and return orders from different vendors
in one single place, with one simple click.

Glass Commerce Tools

We provide your small businesses with the tools
and support to start selling locally seamlessly,
empowering them to grow and accelerate your
city's economic recovery.

City Managers and Dashboard

Track and analyze the city development
and consuming habits through our visual
dashboards and up-to-date data.

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Keep The Money
In The Community

Give your people a one-stop place to discover
and buy products and services from small
local businesses, instead of buying from
e-commerce giants.

Socio-Economic Goals

Your Local Portal will help you keep track of
your city's socio-economic goals in real-time,
so you can make well-informed decisions for
your community.


Glass Tools have helped vendors to deliver over 4 million items.

In record times during the COVID-19 pandemic, working with the State of Illinois, Pierce County, and the US Veteran Affairs.

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Around the clock assistance for a seamless shopping experience for your procurement team.


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