Multiple Shipping Addresses

When you check out on Commerce, you can only specify one shipping address per order.

Shipping to Multiple Addresses

You can only specify one address per order.

If you're buying several items from the same seller, and want to designate that items be sent to different addresses (for example, you want to buy an item for yourself and an item to be shipped to a friend as a gift), you will need to purchase the items separately.

If there are items in your order that need to be shipped to different addresses, they'll have to be purchased in separate transactions.

Save for Later

You can move items to the saved for later section of your cart to purchase them at a later time.

Shipping to Gift Recipient

If you wish to have an item shipped directly to the gift recipient, you can enter the recipient's mailing address during checkout.

If you need separate shipping addresses for individual items that you're buying, you'll have to purchase them in separate transactions. You can do that by moving some items to save for later until you're ready to check out.

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