GLASS COMMERCE is a global e-commerce marketplace for fully compliant, fast, and paperless government micro-purchases. COMMERCE allows governments to simplify procurement operations, reduce barriers of entry for small businesses, and assist public employees in making the right purchasing decision, every single time.

If you’re a government agency employee or representative, you can use COMMERCE to purchase, contract or rent goods and services offered at a price under your agency’s micro-purchase threshold, from registered businesses or individuals that are micro-verified and authorized to transact with governments.

Vendor Verification
Business Registration: Yes
Small Business: Women-Owned Certification
FDA Registered Facility: Yes
CE Certification: Not provided
Representative’s ID Proof: Yes
Self-certification that business has not been blacklisted or debarred: Yes
SAM Excluded List: Clear
U.S. FDA Debarment List: Clear
Department of Commerce List: Clear
United Nations Black List: Clear
Web Credibility: Checked
Updated Date: May 20, 2020