Where Can I Find My Total Number of Sales?

You can find your sales numbers in several places in your vendor section:

  - On your Stats page

  - On your Orders page

These sales numbers will vary slightly.

Find your sales number in your Stats Page

To find the sales number in your dashboard:

  1. Go to commerce.glass.

  2.Log in as a vendor and you will see your dashboard.

  3. In the dashboard you will see your orders Statistics.

What does the sales number include?

The sales number includes open and completed orders.

What does the sales number not include?

The sales number does not include canceled orders.

How often does my public shop sales number update?

The sales number in your vendor section is updated in real time.

Find your orders on your Orders page

To find the number of order on your Stats page:

  1. On commerce.glass log in as a vendor.
  2. Click Orders.
  3. You’ll find all your orders and order details.

You can change the time frame in your Stats overview or click View Order details to see more.

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