How to Make a Tax-Exempt Purchase on GLASS COMMERCE?

GLASS COMMERCE collects and remits taxes as required by law in many countries and states. If you are purchasing something for a tax-exempt organization, or the type of item that is tax-exempt in your country or state, we can help.

I’m making a purchase for a tax-exempt organization

If you’re making a purchase that qualifies as tax-exempt, such as a purchase for a certified non-profit organization, click Contact Support at the bottom of this page. When you contact GLASS COMMERCE Support:

- Include the order number(s) for the order(s) that should be tax-exempt

- Attach your tax exemption form

We will review the information you send and may be able to refund the sales tax on your purchase. 

You may be able to get credit for sales tax paid from your state. Contact the Department of Revenue for your state for further details.

What is an acceptable tax exemption form?

To process your tax-exempt purchase, we need you to provide a valid form of exemption documentation for the state to which the order will be delivered. Many states have their own certificate which you can find online. Additionally, some states allow the use of a "Multi-Jurisdiction Form" from the Multistate Tax Commission or a "Streamline Sales Tax Form" from Streamlined Sales Tax

My purchase should be tax-exempt in my state

If you believe that the item you're purchasing should be exempt from tax in your state, let us know using the Contact Support button at the bottom of this page. COMMERCE, COMMERCE sellers, and local tax authorities all have a role in ensuring taxes are collected correctly.

Why Am I Being Charged State Sales Tax on My COMMERCE Order?

Many US states recently enacted laws that require online marketplaces like COMMERCE to collect sales tax on eligible purchases. Purchases that require us to charge sales tax differ between states. 

We’re required to charge sales tax if the state you’re in mandates it, often no matter where the seller is located.

Why is sales tax charged on some items and not others?

The tax applies based on the type of item and how it's categorized. Depending on your state, some types of items are taxed and others are not. 

If you believe that the item you’re buying shouldn’t be taxed in your state, let us know by clicking Contact Support at the bottom of this page.

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