How to Make Your Account More Secure

Create a password that is easy to remember but hard for someone else to guess.

Do use:

At least eight characters, but the longer the better.

A mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols

Optional security features CHECK COMPLETE FEATURE

COMMERCE provides additional levels of protection for your account. 

To access your security settings, sign in and go to Your Account > Account Settings > Security.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to your account. When you sign in to with two-factor authentication enabled, you’ll need to enter your password and a confirmation code that's sent to your phone or tablet.

You can connect to an authenticator app or enter a phone number to receive calls or texts. You can use the same app or phone number on multiple accounts.

You can choose to receive your confirmation code via:

  • Authenticator app

If using an authenticator app you’ll be prompted to provide the code: When you sign in using a different browser or on a new device and every 30 days.

Authenticator app

To set up two-factor authentication:

  1. Download an authenticator app on your phone or tablet. We recommend using Google Authenticator, which you can download from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

  2. In your web browser, go to > Your Account > Account Settings > Security.

  3. Toggle Authenticator App.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Open your Authenticator App and follow the instructions in the app to add a new account.

   6. Scan the QR code using your authenticator app.

  7. Enter the code from your authenticator app into the text box under the QR code.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Save the backup codes provided in a safe place. You can use these if you ever lose your phone.

  10. Click Close.

When you sign in to Glass Commerce, you may be prompted for your confirmation code. Open your authenticator app to locate the code.

Backup codes

With two-factor authentication, you can download backup codes to use when you don't have your phone to sign in. Save these codes in a safe place. You can only use each code once.

If you lose your codes or use them all:

  1. Go to > Your Account > Account Settings > Security.

  2. Click Regenerate next to Backup Codes.

  3. Download and save your new codes.

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