How to Search for Items on Commerce?

You can use the search bar at the top of to look for items or shops.

How to search for items

Enter descriptive terms in the search bar to start your search. For example: “3ply face mask” or “staple”

Search results are ordered by how relevant the items are to what you search for. You can change the order of your search results with the Sort by option above the search results.

Here are a few tips to help you search for items on Commerce:

-  Use multiple, descriptive terms in a search to narrow down the results. For example: "Chromebook Laptop" will return fewer, more specific results than just "laptop" 

How to filter results

On the top of every search results page will be able to filter by price, best-reviewed, and newest items. On the left side of every search results page, you’ll see a list of filters to narrow down your results by:

  - Delivery

  - Minimum order quantity

  - Price

  - Item type, either Handmade or Vintage items

 -  Price

 -  Vendor Business Type

How to search for stores

If you know the name of the store, go to the bottom of the page under vendors and click: Vendors then click or search the vendor name and you will be redirected to the shop. 

Entering this web address in your browser's address bar will also take you to a shop: Replace "shop-name" with the actual shop’s name, using (-) between each word. 

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