My Account Has Been Compromised

If you suspect that your GLASS COMMERCE account has been compromised, hacked, or accessed without your authorization, please follow the instructions below.

If you can access your account

If you can access your account, you should change your password:

  1. On, click Account/Login.

  2. Click Profile Details.

  3. Change your Commerce password. Learn more about changing your password.

If you use the same password across other online accounts, we recommend changing any other shared passwords that you use online. This should include updating the password to the email address associated with your COMMERCE account. 

We urge all members to consider enabling additional security settings, like two-factor authentication. To enable two-factor authentication for your Glass Comemerce account:

  1. On, click Account.

  2. Click Account settings.

  3. Click Security.

  4. Under Two-Factor Authentication, toggle on your preferred two-factor authentication method.

  5. Click the gear icon and follow the steps to finish setting up two-factor authentication. 

If you can't access your account

If you can’t access your account, let COMMERCE Support know and we can help.

Contact Commerce Support

If an order was placed

If an order you didn’t authorize was placed, contact COMMERCE Support and we will help you to identify the issue.

Contact Commerce Support

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