Our Team


Meet the people creating the next breakthrough in government systems
through powerful and transformative technology products.

  • Paola Santana Paola Santana

    Lawyer, tech entrepreneur, and procurement expert. Fulbrighter. Drone delivery pioneer.

  • Valentin Dragan Valentin Dragan

    Senior Developer and expert in e-commerce marketplaces. Has led the development of high-performing marketplaces.

  • Oneida Franco Oneida Franco

    Finance and corporate compliance expert. Dedicated to setting accounting controls that bring peace of mind.

  • Boris Doynov Boris Doynov

    Builds new businesses and products. Helps customers with their jobs-to-be-done.

  • Wileska Rosario Wileska Rosario
    Marketplace Ops

    Business Development and Data Analysis specialist. Entrepreneurship MBA, passionate about tech.

  • Anthony Violante Anthony Violante

    Leading young businesses and fortifying supply chains in the start up world. Deriving inspiration through insatiable curiosity.

  • Gerardo Mateo Gerardo Mateo

    Computer Science B.Eng. candidate and OAS Scholarship Awardee. Working at the intersection of tech and business operations, expert in getting things done.

  • Marlee Khan Marlee Khan
    Creative Direction

    Leading emerging startups' visual aesthetic and marketing. Psychology major at Yale University and Visual Communications studies at Academy Of Art University.

Our Advisors


Our advisors have lead key government agencies, designed groundbreaking products,
developed cutting-edge technologies, and helped humans explore outer space.
We aim nothing less.

  • Jim Williams
    Jim Williams
    Government Procurement

    Former U.S. GSA’s Acting Administrator under President George W. Bush and GSA’s first Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner. Earlier in his career, Jim was the IRS’s leader for Procurement and Program Management, and the federal government’s computer procurement expert for the US-Japan 1990 Supercomputer Procurement and 1992 Computer Procurement Trade Agreements. He has served the US Federal Government for over 30 years, and has been distinguished with two Presidential Rank Awards.

  • Marc Shillum
    Marc Shillum
    Commerce Platforms & Binary UX

    Multi-awarded designer and creative director behind Nike, HBO, Discovery, eBay, Aston Martin, Barnes & Noble and other Fortune 500 companies, connecting the dots between business, brand and product experience. He advises category-defining startups like Canary, Molekule, SoftKinetic and served as founding CXO at Matternet. Currently, he’s the Senior Director of Global Brand and End-To-End Product Experience at eBay, and is the author of 'Brands as Patterns', a foundational white paper for coherent brand building in the digital age.

  • Dr. Yvonne Cagle
    Dr. Yvonne Cagle
    Global Ambassador

    NASA astronaut, chief scientist for the Level II Program Office of NASA’s Commercial Reuseable Suborbital Research program, and lead astronaut liaison for Silicon Valley programmatic partnerships with Stanford University, Google, and others. Her groundbreaking work includes preserving NASA legacy data while galvanizing its leadership in global mapping, sustainable energies and disaster preparedness, with substantial contributions to the longitudinal study on astronaut health, space telemedicine, and the development of cutting-edge technologies for human advancement. She is a retired Colonel in the United States Air Force where she served as a Senior Flight Surgeon, and is the recipient of the National Defense Service Medal, Air Force Achievement Medal, United States Air Force Air Staff Exceptional Physician Commendation and National Technical Association Distinguished Scientist Award, having exceptionally served the US government for over 30 years.

  • Steve Yankovich
    Steve Yankovich
    E-commerce Platforms Architecture

    Steve has spent 37 years in the technology field, from CPU logic designer to founder, CTO and CEO of an enterprise software startup, to Fortune 500 company executive. Most recently, Steve spent a decade at eBay building mobile for all of eBay's global businesses and driving product innovation for major components of eBay's marketplace and customer experience. As part of his tenure at eBay, he also helped spin out Magento as CTO when PayPal and eBay split into separate public companies. He serves on a public board (NASDAQ: RST), a private company, a non-profit, numerous startup and several venture capital firms, and has amassed a portfolio of over 100 patents, with 63 granted.

  • Will Clarke
    Will Clarke
    Acquisition & Supply Chain

    Acquisition & Supply Chain Executive with 25 years of U.S. Navy Active Duty experience, where he served in impactful Defense Department assignments in Supply Chain, Procurement and Logistics in Africa, Asia, and the United States. Since 2015, Will has led stores and facilities sustainment efforts in a Fortune 100 Retail Company, and led the Global Supply Chain Management efforts at a large airline company. He has a BSc in Mathematics from the U.S. Naval Academy, a MSc in Finance and Contracts Management from the Naval Postgraduate School, and certificates from Wharton, University of North Carolina, and Georgetown University. Will brings a gritty, disciplined, and principle-driven approach to complex decision-making at the intersection of commercial efficiency and government acquisition strategy.

Our Global Contributors


Our extended community of people that share our vision
and are contributing to materialize it, today.

  • Isabel Torron Isabel Torron
    UX Design

    Industrial Designer. Creating intuitive tools for responsible futures.

  • Carmen Amaro Carmen Amaro

    Lawyer and governance specialist.
    World Bank consultant experienced in public-private partnerships.

  • Claudia Lira Claudia Lira
    Community Manager

    Digital advertiser, digital content creator, and expert in social media strategy for brands.