Oct 25, 2019 via The Silicon Review

50 Best Companies to Watch 2019: An Interview with Paola Santana, Social Glass Founder and CEO

"We're Using Technology to Create a Software Ecosystem that Simplifies Governments’ Processes to Support them in Operating more Efficiently, Transparently, and Responsively."

“Our mission at Social Glass is to build purposeful and powerful tools for 21st Century governments, so opportunities and progress can reach everyone.”

The world is currently experiencing a period of rapid technological change that has been called ‘the fourth industrial revolution’. New technologies are being developed which will fundamentally reshape government workforces and change how a government makes policy and delivers public services.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present Social Glass.

Social Glass is a software ecosystem powering high-performing governments. The company builds purposeful, transformative technology for XXI century governments, using Artificial Intelligence to digitize, streamline and scale good processes and decision-making...

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