Oct 18, 2021 via Loudoun Times-Mirror

Purcellville Launches E-commerce Portal For Local Businesses

The town of Purcellville on Tuesday officially unveiled a new digital shopping platform created through a partnership with GLASS, a global e-commerce company based in Silicon Valley.

The concept was agreed upon by the town council in July as a way for local businesses to digitize their products and services. The goal is to provide Purcellville’s more than 300 businesses with a global reach through e-commerce and easier access to potential government purchases, according to a town staff report.

The town council has authorized $10,000 to launch the portal.

So far, 12 businesses have signed up for the portal, including Scott Kinney, owner of Shamrock Music Shoppe, who spoke at Tuesday’s event. He described how his business has pivoted during the pandemic with online music lessons and shipping products around the world.

“I have seen how consumer business has changed permanently,” Kinney said. “I think the appeal of [the portal] is to get the average consumer to see your product and to emphasize what it means to the community. We do not want to see storefronts go empty and we do want to support local businesses.”

“We want the money to stay in town or else it goes somewhere else and somewhere else is where we don’t want it to go,” he said.

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