2000 minutes, ∞ text - Iridium Voice Annual Airtime Service Plan

$1,757.50 USD
$1,850.00 USD

At Apollo Satellite you benefit from our efficient low cost annual service plans for all Iridium satellite phones and voice based devices. Our plans enable the critical communications needed for community support, construction, mining, education and humanitarian aid everywhere in the world. The easier it is for you to make a call, the easier it is to complete your goals. Never worry about expiring prepaid minutes and expiration dates. An Iridium Monthly Satellite Phone Service Plan you have as many minutes available to use anytime the need arises. Add our unlimited rollover to your plan to never lose the minutes you do not use.

Iridium satellite phone service provide voice, texting, and 2.4kb/s internet access anywhere on Earth you have a view of the sky. Iridium is the best choice satellite network for use in mountainous terrain or anywhere on earth you need reliable satellite services.

Addt'l Voice: $1.10 / Min, Addt'l SMS: FREE