Scotch¨ 2228-1x10FT Premium Grade Self-Fusing Electrical Tape, 10 ft L x 1 in W, 65 mil THK, Rubber, Mastic Adhesive, Rubber Backing, Black

$31.63 USD

To maintain excellent insulation over bus bar and splice connections, seal them with Scotch¨ rubber mastic tape 2228. Its tough mastic material provides thermal stability while sealing against moisture, and the ethylene propylene rubber backing adds additional electrical insulation. This versatile and weatherproof tape is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and in any electrical application that requires improved insulation and moisture sealing.Scotch¨ Electrical Tape, Premium Grade Self-Fusing, 10 ft Length, 1 in Width, 65 mil Thickness, Rubber, Black, Mastic Adhesive, Rubber Backing, 10 in-lb Adhesion Strength, 500 V/mil Dielectric Strength, 150 psi Tensile Strength, 194 deg F Maximum Operating