Peltorª ComTacª IV 093045-93584 MT Series Dual Communication 2-Way Radio Headset With Flexible Dynamic Boom Microphone, Foldable Headband Mount, Coyote Brown

$1,655.84 USD

The 3Mª Peltorª ComTacª IV tactical communication and hearing protection headsets are designed to meet the mission needs of today's military and law enforcement service members. The ComTacª headsets feature the ability to relocate the boom mic to either ear cup to accommodate left and right shooters, immunity for high RF/EMI environments, salt water resistance, Rx/Tx fail safe, and gel ear cushions option for improved comfort. The in-ear tactical hearing protection features environmental microphones for "talk-thru" capability so today's warfighter can maintain auditory situational awareness and have face-to-face conversations while wearing reliable hearing protection.Peltorª ComTacª IV 2-Way Radio Headset, Dual Communication, Series: MT Series, Foldable Headband Mount, Coyote Brown