Peltorª 093045-93325 In-Line Ground Vehicle Push-To-Talk Adaptor With 30 in Straight Cable, For Use With AN/VIC-3 Intercom System

$872.42 USD

The 3Mª ground vehicle PTT headset comes off-the-shelf with a large center PTT and an A/B toggle for radio/ICS switching. This configuration allows the capability for ground vehicle users to Rx/Tx over the long range radio or over the intercom without having to switch out of ICS. When toggled to ICS the operator speaks hot mic/vox over the ICS, when the PTT is pressed, the ICS Tx is switched to Tx over the radio.Peltorª Push-To-Talk Adaptor, In-Line Ground Vehicle, For Use With: AN/VIC-3 Intercom System