Peltorª 093045-93407 Tactical Sportª Communication Headset With Recessed Microphone, 20 dB Noise Reduction, For Use With Tactical Communication Radios and Cell Phone, Headband Mount, Black

$268.37 USD

The 3Mª PELTORª Tactical Sportª Electronic Headset provide a natural, realistic sound, giving users the fastest shut-off and recovery time of any shooter earmuff we`ve ever made. Our sound amplification allows you to hear better with the earmuff on than with normal hearing alone, while still instantly limiting dangerous noises, like gunfire, to lower, safe listening levels. The smooth adjustment of the Tactical Sport headset's level-dependent function gives the user pleasant sound reproduction. The audio circuit eliminates abrupt sound cut-off while helping protect hearing by attenuating loud impulse noise. Tactical Sport headset also amplifies the ambient sound up to a limited level to help the user to hear low-level sounds.Peltorª Communication Headset, Series: Tactical Sportª, For Use With: Tactical Communication Radios and Cell Phone, 20 dB Noise Reduction Rating, Headband Mount, Foam Plastic Metal, Black