3M 06520-White-1/10cart Marine Adhesive Sealant, 0.1 gal Cartridge, White, Polyurethane Base

$523.87 USD

3M marine adhesive sealant 5200 fast cure is a single-component, high-strength, moisture-curing polyurethane that offers permanent adhesion of aluminum, wood, gelcoat and fiberglass, usually curing within 48 hours. Forming watertight seals, it provides flexibility to combat vibration, swelling, shrinking and shock. Available in cartridge and sausage packs, it is designed to handle the marine environment with durability and reliability. Our polyurethane sealants are strong, flexible and form elastomeric bonds that seal against the elements, making them ideal for challenging industrial, transportation and construction applications in a variety of shore a hardness, open times and colors. Choose a 3M applicator to dispense cartridges and sausage packs. Our adhesive sealants are formulated to improve design and manufacturing processes for competitive products delivered quickly and efficiently.