3M Scotchfil SCOTCHFIL-PUTTY Electrical Tape, 60 in L x 1-1/2 in W, 125 mil THK, Mastic Adhesive, Putty Backing

$28.12 USD

3M Scotchfil Electrical Insulation Putty comes in a tape form that is used to insulate irregular surfaces like fittings and valves. This self-fusing, electrical-grade tape can be stretched or wrapped and helps to insulate connections upto 600 V. It withstands a wide temperature range of 32 to 176 deg F (0 to 80 deg C). 3M Scotchfil Electrical Insulation Putty resists corrosion and has excellent aging properties. It consists of a mastic adhesive in a tape form and is 125 mil THK. This putty is great for creating a resin dam at resin pressure joints, as well as sealing multi-conductor cable connectors and wire exits at high-voltage joints. This product is RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant. Non-corrosive mastic adhesive in a flexible tape form UL Listed and RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant Suitable for temperatures from 32 to 176 deg F (0 to 80 deg C). 3M Scotchfilª Electrical Tape, 60 in Length, 1-1/2 in Width, 125 mil Thickness, Mastic Adhesive, Putty Backing, 176 deg F Maximum Operating, 32 deg F Minimum Operating. Its self-fusing and flexible properties make it perfect for creating watertight connections that stay secure and provide long-lasting insulation.