3M 3900-Silver Multi-Purpose Duct Tape, 60 yd L x 1.88 in W, 7.6 to 8.1 mil THK, Rubber Adhesive, Polyethylene Backing, Silver

$22.43 USD

3M Multi-Purpose Duct Tape 3900 is a versatile option for indoor use. Developed for HVAC and tested according to UL723 and ASTM E84, its strong cloth-reinforced polyethylene backing easily tears from the roll and adheres instantly at temperatures up to 200°F for 30 minutes. Available in a range of colors, it's reliable for process tagging, marking, color-coding, and many other uses. With a width of 1.88 inches, a length of 60 yards, and a thickness of 7.6-8.1 mils, the tape boasts an impressive 53 in-oz adhesion strength and 28-32 in-lb tensile strength. Specifications Met: ASTM D 3330, ASTM D 3759, ASTM D 3652.