3M 051115-64809 Flying Splice Splittable Double Coated Tape, 50 m L x 50 mm W, 7.8 mil THK, Repulpable Adhesive, Repulpable Paper Backing, Blue

$2,099.52 USD

3M splittable flying splice tape R7369 is designed for high-speed, high-temperature commercial printing. Our decades of product development have yielded a tape that increases productivity, improves safety and ignites innovation. This paper tape features repulpable splicing adhesives, a fiber-free construction, a thick profile to compensate for roll variations, and a split layer that facilitates clean, efficient splicing. This solution is fast and reliable even with light to heavy weight paper, laying flat for improved handling and withstanding up to 400°F temperatures. 3Mª Flying Splice Splittable Tape: 50 m Length, 50 mm Width, 7.8 mil Thickness, Repulpable Paper Liner, Blue, Repulpable Adhesive, Repulpable Paper Backing.