Brady¨ BradyMarkª PVC-4 Hot Stamping Heat Shrink Tubing, 0.224 in ID Expanded, 0.204 in ID Recovered, 100 ft L, Vinyl, White

$46.48 USD

Labels will help you place important information like instructions, warnings and identification at the point of need for equipment, cables and much more. Material options range from cost-effective economy labels to durable long-lasting labels. Our labels have been designed and tested to last in many different and harsh environments, giving you the confidence to use them in almost any application. Some suggested applications include - barcodes and tracking, product ID, hazard communication, electrical, facility, equipment and laboratory.Brady¨ BradyMarkª Heat Shrink Tubing, Hot Stamping, 0.224 in ID Expanded, 0.204 in ID Recovered, 0.204 to 0.224 in Dia Wire, 100 ft Length, Vinyl, White