3M Protecta Fall Protection 840779-15939 Positioning Harness, M to L, 420 lb Load, Polyester Strap, Tongue Leg Strap Buckle, Pass-Thru Chest Strap Buckle, Steel Hardware, Black

$157.20 USD

3M Protecta construction style positioning harness with a fixed D-ring to minimize workday readjustment and breathable shoulder/hip padding. Plus, a durable and sturdy belt, tongue buckle leg connection, pass-thru chest connection and back and side D-rings. Specially designed for added comfort and convenience, these harnesses are rated for 420 lb (190 kg) total working weight. 3M Protecta Fall Protection Harness, Positioning, M to L, 420 lb, 3600 lb Tensile, Tongue Leg Strap Buckle, Pass-Thru Chest Strap Buckle, Polyester Strap, Construction/Full Body, Steel Hardware, Black, Zinc Plated. A robust, secure, and comfortable harness for a variety of jobsites. With a 420 lb limit, the 3M Protecta Fall Protection Positioning Harness is designed to protect and last, no matter the task or conditions.