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Color Swell Bulk Easel Pads (6 Pack) Plus Bonus Marker Pack

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The Six (6) Pack of Sticky Easel Pads from Color Swell Include a Bonus Pack of Color Swell Washable Markers.

Color Swell Bulk Easel Pads Hold to Most Surfaces - Without Damaging the Surface.

This Flip Chart Pack is Loved by Teachers, Students, Offices, Camps, and for Donations. The Bulk Easel Pads are a Great Addition to Any Supply Closet, Classroom, Conference Room, and Office.

The Easel Pads Measure 25 inches by 30 inches. Each Page is Perforated for Easy Removal. The Paper is Strong and Does Not Bleed Under Normal Writing and Drawing Conditions.

STICKY ADHESIVE Pages will hold to most surfaces and can even be re-applied several times. You can move around your presentation or art project pages with ease. REMOVABLE PAGES Easel pad pages are easily separated at the perforation.

LARGE WHITE EASEL PAD PAGES Open for your ideas, lessons, plans, and creative drawings. CARDBOARD BACKING Provides a sturdy hold to the easel and a smooth writing surface.

Color Swell Markers Offer Vibrant Colors, Broad Line Tips, and Solid Ink Color Density for Easy Writing and Drawing. Color Swell Easel Pads are Perfect for Offices, Groups of Kids and Adults, Camps, and Classrooms that are Looking for a Great Presentation Tool.




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Color Swell Bulk Easel Pads (6 Pack) Plus Bonus Marker Pack Color Swell
Regular price $89.99
Regular price $89.99 Sale price $89.99