Contec¨ EL-MOP Edgeless¨ Floor Mop, Standard Tube, 20 in WD X 20 in LG X 11 in HT, Knitted Polyester, White

$670.80 USD

Sterile Textured Polyester Tube Edgeless¨ Mop was specifically designed for wet mopping floors in cleanrooms and other controlled environments. It is constructed using a continuous tube of knitted polyester that is looped to form the strands making it the cleanest mop available in terms of particulate and fiber contamination. Cleanroom laundered and packaged. All mops are available sterilized by Gamma radiation, and can be sterilized by ETO and steam (autoclave) sterilization methods. Compatible with most disinfectants and biocides. Use with downpress and basket insert wringer for best results. Single Use due to possible cross-contamination.Contec¨ Edgeless¨ Floor Mop, Standard Tube, 20 in Length, 20 in Width, 11 in Height, Knitted Polyester, White