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Providing government the tools for meaningful financial transparency, accountability and participation.


Show residents a model of the budget and collect their input


Let users estimate taxes paid and see where the money goes


Tap the experience of professionals to work through tough challenges


Share information with residents about your budget and educate them on key financial issues. Receive informed input to help you make the tough choices that are necessary to balance your budget. Let residents experience the same constraints that you face.

  • Share the most important information; not just a data dump
  • Provide layers of context, allowing users to get more information as needed
  • Let residents see the information you use to make budget decisions
  • Connect budget with service levels and policy options
  • Show residents what their taxes buy
  • Demonstrate value provided by government
  • Build trust, this year and into the future
  • Build a two-way relationship with residents based on facts
  • Get informed input on service levels and priorities
  • Go beyond simplistic surveys to get true willingness to pay or cut information
  • Build public understanding to give you flexibility and options in a downturn
  • Put users in your shoes, including taking into account demand for services, legal and financial constraints


Proud of the services you provide to residents with limited resources? Why not give them a receipt? This app asks a few simple questions, estimates taxes paid, and then shows individuals where their tax dollars go

  • Breaks down taxes and shows where money goes
  • Demonstrate how efficiently services are delivered
  • The receipt is a great way to connect residents to your simulation


Balancing Act is offered by Engaged Public, a public sector consulting firm celebrating its 20th year of service. We can help you design and implement strategies for productive conversations with residents using facts and modern, tech-assisted methods so that everyone’s voice is heard.

Balancing Act budget simulation software was created out of frustration. For 25 years, our parent company, Engaged Public, has been facilitating discussions of public issues. In the mid-2000s, we had become so discouraged with attempts to educate and engage the public on budgets and financial matters that we knew we had to find a better way. Pro forma hearings (aka “three minutes at the mic”) or surveys that can reveal preferences on priorities but do not illustrate cost effects have limited value.

Our solution? Use the increasingly sophisticated potential of the internet to build a new type of budget facilitation tool: online budget simulations. Now over a hundred local governments are using our software.

The value of simulations is that you can put users in the shoes of decision makers so that they can see how difficult it is for themselves. Our aim with our software is to convey the Three C’s of Budget Engagement:

  • Constraints
  • Context
  • Consequence

While great software helps make a huge improvement on the status quo, successful initiatives require more. That’s why we created Our Budget, a comprehensive set of wrap-around consulting services designed to get you the outcomes you need.

Our Budget helps you to:

  • Develop a plan for budget engagement.
  • Understand the perspectives of key stakeholders such as budget officers, elected officials and members of the public.
  • Help make efficient use of your staff resources, including budget and communications functions.
  • Build or co-build your simulation.
  • Facilitate meetings using the simulation, online, in-person or hybrid.
  • Write report.
  • Present results to stakeholders, including elected officials.

Our consulting services are custom designed to take into account your own staff resources and the type of assistance you require. Contact us to discuss and we will create a custom proposal for you.

Price Based on 150k Population.  Price can drop depending on the length of the contract and other variables.


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