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ClearGov’s groundbreaking Digital Budget Book software will revolutionize the way your government produces its annual budget book.

Stop thinking of your budget book as something you publish, whether that’s on paper or via pdf. Instead, think of it as an experience you create online. Think of your budget book as a resident experience that’s informative, not frustrating. An experience that engenders community support. An experience that makes you look like a hero.

And your experience, getting to this point? That was a whole lot easier than anything you’ve ever been through with a budget book before. That’s ClearGov’s Digital Budget Book.

Create your skeleton budget book with just a single click. Finish it in a fraction of the time you’re accustomed to.
  • Instantly populate with charts and graphs tied directly to your budget data and to US Census information
  • Create text content quickly using “mad-lib” functionality
  • No more juggling multiple spreadsheets and Word docs
  • Saves printing cost by reducing print necessity
  • No manual updates required. When the data evolves, charts and graphs update automatically.

The criteria for GFOA’s annual Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards are built right into Digital Budget Book.
  • Designed to meet the GFOA’s award criteria by default
  • Includes a GFOA awards checklist, to make qualifying for the award easy
  • Digital award submissions encouraged by the GFOA
  • Not interested in the award? The criteria still provide a great framework for your best-ever budget book.

It’s easy to make your digital budget book look and feel like your government. After all, it’s your budget book, not ours.
  • Turn predefined pages on or off. Reorganize content to fit your needs
  • Create new pages. Add custom text, charts, and images
  • Include a custom header banner
  • Customize colors and fonts
Simplify and streamline collaboration with department heads and the rest of your team.
  • Invite department heads to add department narratives. Automatically populate narratives with appropriate charts and graphs
  • Capital requests modules streamlines collection and management of capital requests
  • Capital request dashboard provides birds-eye view with drill-down capability
  • Create custom online forms for capital requests submission
Digital Budget Book is Easy for Every Local Government
Easy to Afford

Compared to the overbuilt software from other govtech providers, Digital Budget Book is a strikingly affordable budget-presentation solution, for any local government of any size.

Easy to Implement

Our high-touch customer success team will get you up and running quickly — in days or weeks, not months. Throughout, we do all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on other priorities.

Easy to Use

Civic leaders aren’t necessarily technical experts. With Digital Budget Book, they don’t have to be. We make every user interface familiar, simple, and intuitive to use

Base price is $4,700 for Municipalities Below Budget of $10MM 


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