First Aid Only¨ Pac-Kit¨ 21-022 Biohazard Bag With Tie, 20 gal, 24 in L x 24 in W, Polyethylene, Bright Red

$2.52 USD

This standard 20 gal biohazard bag is essential in any medical facility, such as hospitals and laboratories, or in schools and industrial facilities. The bright red color and universal symbol indicates that the bag contains infectious or hazardous waste. This biohazard bag is heavy duty enough to handle a variety of applications and can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Comes in a unitized box with a tie for closure and measures 24 x 24 in.First Aid Only¨ Pac-Kit¨ Biohazard Bag, 20 gal, 24 in Length, 24 in Width, Tie Closure, BIOHAZARD INFECTIOUS WASTE/Symbol Legend, Black Legend, Polyethylene, Bright Red