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  • Why FPMask Commercial Grade for Professionals who need to wear a mask for extended periods of time?
  • 2 way protection against viruses - face mask
  • Completely sourced and made in Europe
  • Greater than 85% Filtering for 0,3µm Particles (And Greater than 92% Filtering for 0,5 µm) + Tested as Splash Proof
  • That means up to 70% better! filtering/protection than gators, cloth masks and surgical masks
  • Validated by European testing standards (FFP1) – see the results in attachments
  • Reduced legal exposure for employers whose employees operate in environments, now more prone to infection risks (schools, restaurants, sports, dentist, hair salons, fitness, etc.)
  • Easy to Adjust and Comfortable to Wear – Best Comfort/Protection Ratio
  • The unique (patent pending) bracket design allows for less obstruction of the mouth resulting in better speech and NO FOGGY GLASSES!
  • You are in charge of more comfort or more protection by adjusting the elastic strap accordingly (less tight versus tight)

*       Note that gaps caused by improper fit (always the case with surgical cloth masks) can result in >60% decrease of filtration efficiency


  • Secures a Professional Image And is Reusable with Replaceable Filters (10 included)
  • Machine washable skin
  • Bulk filter replacements (affordable) available in 5, 10 or 25 packs
  • Filters can be reused (if one so choses) by leaving them exposed to sunlight for 6 consecutive days – reuse the filter on day 7.

*       Note that it’s UV-C light that kills viruses including COVID-19. If the filter is used in a dusty environment, then regular replacement will be needed

  • Customizable - different patterns and colors available. Logo print available.   
  • Also available with faceshield (larger quantities required)



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European testing standards (Certification.pdf, 217 Kb)


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