CRESCENT H.K. Porter¨ 8690TN Ratcheting Cable Cutter, 5/8 in Cable/Wire, 36 in OAL, Notched Shear Cut, Forged Alloy Steel Jaw

$1,208.44 USD

The H.K. Porter¨ 36 in ratcheting wire rope cutter has notched shear-cut blades that hold material firmly in place throughout the cut. This cutter is designed to cut aircraft cable, EHS guy strand, wire rope and stainless steel cable. Shear-cut blades make a smooth and clean cut with minimal crushing or distortion.CRESCENT H.K. Porter¨ Ratcheting Cable Cutter, 5/8 in, 36 in Overall Length, Forged Alloy Steel Jaw, Notched Shear Cut Type, Straight, Tubular Steel Handle, Stainless Steel Material Application