Kleenex¨ 21400 Facial Tissue, Paper, White

$108.00 USD

All facial tissues are not created equal. In fact, more people choose Kleenex¨ Facial Tissue than any other brand. Kleenex¨ tissue offers superior performance, a premium feel and essential softness. When your employees, patients and guests see the respected Kleenex¨ brand in your business and restrooms, they'll know that you select quality products, putting forth the best image for your business. It's a popular choice in healthcare and medical offices, hotels and lodging and businesses in general. For more than 80 years, Kleenex¨ has delivered the highest quality among facial tissues, providing consumers with smart innovations like an ultra-soft feel and Signal Sheets (the last 10 tissues are cream colored instead of white, so you know it's almost time for a new box). You'll want to buy them in bulk. Choosing Kleenex¨ lets everyone know that you care enough to provide the very best.Kleenex¨ Facial Tissue, 8.4 in Width, 8 in Length, White, Paper, Box, 2 Ply