Loctite¨ 234935 SF 7633CLª Non-Chlorinated Parts Cleaner, 14.5 oz Aerosol Can, Clear, Aerosol Can Form, -9.4 deg F Flash

$8.02 USD

LOCTITE¨ SF 7633CLª is specifically formulated for removing oil, grease, fluids, oxidized oils (gum) and asphalt from all types of metal parts. It penetrates through dirt and corrosion and flushes them away, eliminating the need to disassemble. Ideal for aluminum surfaces.Loctite¨ Non-Chlorinated Parts Cleaner, Series: SF 7633CLª, 14.5 oz Container, Aerosol Can Container, Clear, Aerosol Can Form, -9.4 deg F Flash Point, Composition: Acetone, Propane, n-Heptane, Xylene, Ethylbenzene, 0.74 Specific Gravity, 768.4 g/L VOC