Sticklers Cassette Cleanclicker

$59.59 USD

These two cassettes are the latest options for cleaning connector end faces. Both feature and open cleaning window that provides the operator full and unobstructed access to the cleaning ribbon for effectively wiping the connectors. The open window and manual advancing cleaning wheel make these next generation cassette cleaners more effective with a lower cost of ownership when compared to the first generation trigger and shutter style cassettes. These Cassette CleanClicker Connector Cleaners have a clear housing window to make it easy for the operator to identify how much cleaning ribbon is remaining on the cassette. These cassette cleaners are a one time use cassette and use a micro-woven cleaning ribbon that is highly absorbent to wick away residues. The weave pattern combined with the ribbonÕs softness provides excellent wiping performance for removing dust particles without scratching the glass, ceramic and composite ferrule end faces.