Milwaukee¨ M18ª 2641-21CT Cordless Caulk Gun Kit, 10 oz Capacity, 950 lb, 18 VDC, M12ª REDLITHIUMª Lithium-Ion Battery, Metal Housing

$540.26 USD

The most powerful cordless caulk and adhesive gun on the market offers the most bead control. Deliver caulk or adhesives smoothly and steadily, even with the highest viscosity materials, with the incredible pushing force of the M18ª cordless 10 oz caulk and adhesive gunall metal gears provide an industry-leading 950 lb of force and CFTTM constant flow technology eliminates motor oscillation for steady dispensing and even beads at all viscosity levels. A variable-speed trigger and 6 setting maximum speed dial optimize the tool's 0 to 21 IPM flow rate. The exclusive Milwaukee¨ anti-drip mechanism prevents oozing of excess material when the trigger is released. A rotating collar gives you maximum bead control around turns and the quick-change carriage design lets you change between 10 oz, quart and sausage-style containers. The M18ª REDLITHIUMª battery (sold separately) lets you dispense more than 200 10 oz tubes of construction adhesive on one charge. The gun comes with a 10 oz carriage, 10 oz plunger rod and piston assembly.Milwaukee¨ M18ª Cordless Caulk Gun Kit, 10 oz Capacity, 950 lb Dispensing Force, 18 VDC, M12ª REDLITHIUMª Lithium-Ion Battery, 1.4 Ah Battery, Metal Housing Material, T-Handle, Variable Speed Trigger Switch Control, 18-1/2 in L Dimensions