Milwaukee¨ 4202 Electromagnetic Fixed Position Portable Drill Press Base, For Use With 1/2 in and Thicker Flat Ferrous Material, 3/4 in Chuck, Steel, 9 in D Drill

$1,410.00 USD

The 4202 electromagnetic variable speed base features solid state electronic switching and a 9 in drill travel. Feedback speed control maintains speed and a motor/magnet lockout prevents de-mag during operation. For use on any flat ferrous material, 1/2 in and thicker.Milwaukee¨ Drill Press Base, Electromagnetic Fixed Position Portable, For Use With: 1/2 in and Thicker Flat Ferrous Material, 15 in Height, 4-1/4 in Width, 9 in Depth, 3/4 in Chuck, 9 in Drill Depth, Steel