Bike Brite MC44TR All Surface Degreaser and Cleaner, 16.9 oz, Liquid

$10.10 USD

Bike Brite's¨ fantastic triple action cycle formula washes, cleans and degreases from headlight to tail light! Specially formulated for motorcycles, motorbikes and scooters, Bike Briteª has been recommended and approved by leading motorcycle manufacturers. Biodegradable, non-acidic, pH controlled and containing corrosion inhibitors. Special brighteners help keep rust and grease from forming. Bike Briteª cleans and degreases motors including bearings and O Rings, brings new brilliance to painted surfaces, adds sparkle to bright work, wheels and trim, imparts and rich luster to rubber and tires, and helps prevent water spots. Just spray it on and hose it off.Bike Brite Degreaser and Cleaner, All Surface, 16.9 oz Net Weight, Liquid Form