Precision Brand¨ 14425 Oversized Key Stock, 1 ft L x 5/8 in W x 5/8 in H, C1018 Steel, Zinc Plated

$12.15 USD

High quality steel material. Zinc plated finish. Size is clearly marked on each piece. Precision Brand¨ keystock is used to provide driving torque between shafts and pulleys, gears, sprockets, etc. Used for new machinery, general maintenance and shop repairs. It is a necessity in all applications where rotating power devices are used. Most tolerances on dimensions are oversized to assure tight fits in keyways for positive, zero backlash power transmission.Precision Brand¨ Key Stock, Oversized, C1018 Steel, 1 ft Length, 5/8 in Width, 5/8 in Height, Zinc Plated, Square