CRESCENT Wiss¨ Inlaid¨ 29N Industrial Shear, 4 in L of Cut, 9 in OAL, Sharp Tip, Cutlery Steel Blade, Coated High Carbon Steel Handle

$300.96 USD

The Crescent Wiss¨ Industrial Bent Trimmers have thick, Heavy duty blades for cutting multiple layers or tough materials and are ideal for cutting upholstery, carpet, and drapery. The precision ground blades allow for sharper cutting edges and a longer blade life, and the hot dropped-forged construction is incredibly durable. Adjusts to your preferences easily with the SET-EASY¨ Pivot adjustment, and comfortably fits your hands with the large handle rings.CRESCENT Wiss¨ Inlaid¨ Industrial Shear, 4 in Length of Cut, Precision Ground Blade, 4 in L Blade, Cutlery Steel Blade, Sharp, 9 in Overall Length, Angled, Coated High Carbon Steel Handle, Nickel Plated, Black