CRESCENT Wiss¨ W5N Snip, 16 ga Low Carbon Steel Cutting, 2-1/2 in L of Cut, Bulldog/Straight Snip, Drop Forged Tool Steel Blade, Cushioned Grip

$94.52 USD

Crescent Wiss¨ products have been earning their reputation for craftsmanship and long life since 1848. One result - Crescent Wiss¨ has been the market leading "call-out brand" for aviation snips for over 50 years. The wide product line includes scissors, industrial shears, utility knives, siding and HVAC tools all with famous Crescent Wiss¨ quality built in.CRESCENT Wiss¨ Snip, Cutting Capacity: 16 ga Low Carbon Steel, 2-1/2 in Length of Cut, Bulldog/Straight Snip, 16-1/2 in Overall Length, Serrated Blade, 2-1/2 in L Blade, Drop Forged Tool Steel Blade, Ergonomic, Cushioned Grip