The Purcellville Portal

Local government e-commerce marketplace.

About the Purcellville Portal

The Purcellville Portal consisted in an e-commerce marketplace provided to the Town of Purcellville for local businesses to expand their digital presence and showcase their products and services online - most of them for the first time - to the Purcellville community, visitors, and the government.

Purcellville businesses were able to create their first online stores, digitize their catalogs of products and services, expand their online presence and outreach, and get full access to online ordering and digital payments capabilities. More specifically, through the Purcellville Portal, Glass:

• Curated the Town's business directory.

• Transformed the Town's static business directory into an Intelligent Online Business Directory that displayed dynamic information about each local business, and offered direct access to their digital catalogs of products or services, with complete details and pricing.

• Provided local businesses with the possibility to claim their online stores, and access online payment processing capabilities and local delivery infrastructure.

• Enabled the "request a quote" functionality for government buyers to direct some of their small purchases to local businesses.

Some of our key learnings from this initiative include:

• Around 70% of all Purcellville businesses didn't have a website or up-to-date online presence.

• Most Purcellville businesses provide services.

• The source of revenue for these businesses comes from local buyers, but also from visitors who do day trips occasionally.

• Most businesses are home-based.

• There was not a one-stop shop to find all the businesses in one single place, and start buying from them with ease.

How did it work?

The Purcellville Portal provided a one-stop shop for all things Purcellville. Through our Vendor Program, vendors could provide discounts, free local delivery, and get marketing and promotions creation assistance.

Local vendors sign up.

Products and services onboarding.

Access to digital orders and payments.

Get to know the people behind Purcellville's local businesses


Redefining Default LLC

Provides data cleaning, formatting and merging services, analytics consultation, and more.


Shamrock Music Shoppe

Specializes in selling new and used musical instruments and accessories.


Lowers Risk Group

Comprehensive enterprise risk-management solutions to public and private organizations.

Purcellville Community News & Updates

Jul 19, 2022

Each year dozens of volunteers come together for this ministry to serve our community in an amazing way - helping to give out free clothes, backpacks, furniture, haircuts, and more! It takes many hands to make this event happen, we hope you will join!

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