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In this 30-minute demo, you'll learn how your P-Card managers and holders can dramatically simplify acquisition time and make your team more efficient.

We’ll cover how:

  • Our Government Micro-Purchases Dashboards permit the easy tracking, flagging, and returning of orders from different vendors in one single place, with one simple click
  • Our Government Purchase Card Management Portals works for managers and users to spend less time finding reliable vendors, requesting quotes, and tracking orders, at the time of implementing tight p-card usage control in real-time
  • Our Government Informal Bidding Dashboards reduce by 90% the time and effort it takes buyers to request, receive and verify quotes for your informal bids
  • We virtualize your government vendors list, digitizing current and prospective vendors' lists into always-updated stock and pricing visual catalogs
  • To Augment/Complement your P-Card Program with our P-Card Tools
  • To use our one-stop-shop for all your P-Card operations
  • To use our P-Card tools to constantly improve through the P-Card Program Analytics
  • Our Control Panel function for all Cardholders supervision

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