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With a Local Portal, you can give your community a one-stop place to see what your city has to offer. It's an easy-to-use site that allows your community to see all your businesses, who they can support, and most importantly complete their purchases in one single place.

We’ll cover how to:

  • Transform your local business lists into dynamic and always-updated online catalogs
  • Give your local businesses the opportunity to have a larger digital platform and reach new customers in your community and across the country
  • Make it easy for your team to track socio-economic goals and spending with visual dashboards providing powerful insights at-a-glance
  • Give your community access to your all-in-one Local Portal
  • Discover new local vendors 
  • Strengthen your local economy and foster economic growth by reinvesting locally
  • Launch your Local Portal, where your community can connect and buy from your Local Businesses first
  • Our Local Portal Dashboards permit the easy tracking, flagging, and returning of orders from different vendors in one single place, with one simple click

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