Data Cleaning, Formatting And Merging

5-10 days


Context is always important. Asking the right questions avoids mistakes when designing solutions. Are you using the correct/best data to answer your questions or build your business? Are you using the right metrics or indicators to alert you to problems? Existing processes may have evolved naturally over time and just need an update, or they could be the result of bias embedded in the system.

Our skill sets at Redefining Default enable us to leverage multiple analytic techniques and disciplines, including:

  • Data Science to collect, clean, and investigate data.
  • Workflow and process automation to free up spare capacity and resources for other tasks.
  • Visualizations, graphics, reports and articles to inform decisions or share findings.
  • Econometrics to conduct market analysis and identify trends.
  • Metric design for risk analysis and process indicators.
  • Methodology design to inject rigor and consistency into processes.

Data Cleaning, Formatting And Merging

We can assist you with extracting information from any structured or unstructured format (Excel, CSV, SQL database, PDFs, Text, etc), transforming and cleaning that information, and combining or merging the structured data into spreadsheets or a database.

  • Automate the extraction, cleaning, formatting and merging of up to two structured or unstructured data sources.
  • Use Natural Language Processing and Entity Extraction to extract key information from unstructured test.
  • Export to Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, JSON or a database.


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Processing Time:
5-10 days


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