Taking Your Buy Local Program To The Next Level

These COMMERCE Local Portal main functionalities will help your Buy Local Program to take The Next Level.


Typical Process or Tool

COMMERCE Local Portal

Local Vendor Preference

Yes; enforced manually

✅ Enforced automatically

Vendor List

Not available on the website

✅ Dynamic & updated

Local Vendor List

Not available on the website

✅ Dynamic & updated

Vendor Registration

Yes; completed on the website, cumbersome for vendors

✅ Simplified

Vendor Updates

Cumbersome for vendors

✅ Simplified

Vendor Catalog & Prices

Each vendor has its own

✅ Digital portal for all vendors

Vendor Labels & Tags


✅ Visual tags

Past Performance, Ratings & Reviews

References are requested, but not centralized

✅ Recorded & centralized

Price Match Request

Yes; applied manually

✅ Automatic alerts sent to vendors

Quotes Process

Yes; works OK via email/fax

✅ Automatic in your inbox in 24h

Quotes Standardized


✅ Automatic

Quotes Comparison

Yes; tabulated manually

✅ Automatic

Socio-Economic Tracking

Yes; done manually, annually

✅ Automatic & easily track business  

Buyer Savings Reports

Yes; done manually

✅ Automatic

Restricted Items

Yes; enforced manually

✅ Automatic restrictions per buyer

Purchase Card System & Tracking

No; manager controls & tracks cardholders manually

✅ Automatic, at-a-glance controls 

      & tracking

Direct Purchases System


✅ One-stop portal

Petty Cash System


✅ One-stop portal



✅ Order status, tracking & replies

24/7 Customer Support


✅ Live Chat, Hotline, Email

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