Unrecognized Credit Card Charges

If you see unrecognized charges from COMMERCE on your credit card or bank statement, it can be due to a number of things. Please review these scenarios:

I see COMMERCE on my statement instead of the seller I purchased from

COMMERCE is a marketplace. When you place an order on COMMERCE from one of our vendors, COMMERCE is the merchant of record which means you will see a transaction from Commerce on your statement.  

A co-worker or family member purchased something on COMMERCE

We often find that unrecognized charges may have been placed by a coworker or family member who may have had your permission to use your card. We suggest reaching out to any co-workers or family members who may have had access to your financial information or to your device.  

How to contact Commerce about the charge

If you're still unable to confirm the charge, click Contact Support, where we’ll ask you to share some details. A specialist will look into the transaction and reply via email once we have completed our review.

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