Vendor Verification

We have painstakingly built a network of vendors who have been verified one by one to ensure that they’re representing themselves accurately. Our attention to detail provides governments with the confidence to purchase with ease and comfort.

GLASS COMMERCE verification process is a vendor credibility check against multiple trusted databases. The checks include verifying vendors' Business Registration, W-9 or Business License; we verify this information in the corresponding database with their EIN number, their Federal Tax Number, their DUNS number, or their local Business License number. We also require our suppliers to provide additional documentation such as their FDA Registration information and their CE Registration information to ensure their products meet the industry standards.

Finally we ensure that our suppliers have never been blacklisted or debarred from conducting business with the government and check their web credibility. Some of the databases we use to help us with this include the SAM Excluded List, the FDA Debarment Lists, the U.S. Department of Commerce Denied Persons List and the United Nations Security Council's Blacklist.