What Do I Do If I Didn’t Receive My Order?

Read this article for help if you didn't receive your order. If you still need help, COMMERCE Support is here:

Contact support

If you haven’t received your order, you should check if the shop shipped your order yet. To check if your order was shipped:

  1. On commerce.glass, click the Your Account icon.

  2. Click Orders.

  3. To the right of your order, you’ll see either Not Shipped, Shipped, or Delivered.

My order is Not Shipped yet

If your order is Not Shipped yet, Contact Support to see when the seller will ship your order.

Items on C OMMERCE include processing times that the sellers set to let you know how soon they can ship an order. Check the processing time or estimated delivery date to know when the item should have been shipped.

My order was already Shipped

If your item is Shipped, check if the seller added tracking information. Tracking information is provided by the shipping carrier and usually provides updates on where your order is in transit.

If no tracking information was provided, Contact Support to see if they have the tracking information for your order.

My order was Delivered

If your order is delivered but you haven’t actually received the item, there are a few things you can do. 

  - Check with neighbors to see if the package was delivered to them accidentally. 

  - Contact your local post office for help locating the package. Provide them with the tracking number, shipping service name, and your shipping address. You may have to contact support to get some of these details.

  - Ask support if they’ll assist you by opening a claim with the shipping service, if necessary. 

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